About Step 1

The Step 1 USMLE Exam is tough for us, especially when we start preparing it only after we finish our medical school. We already have forgotten much of the stuffs, and going back again to Robbins textbook of pathology or Microbiology or Anatomical details is all too heavy for us. But once we are determined, it needs to be done any how. So about us.........

We prepared mostly alone with discussions among the friends 2 /3 / 4 times per week.
Study materials:

Anatomy: We used high yield anatomy, and kaplan anatomy with dvd lectures.
Physiology: Kaplan physiology
Biochemistry: Hardcore biochem from Lippincott, and Kaplan afterwards, its very confusin
Microbiology: Jawetz's review of microbiology
Pathology: Robbins middle volume and Goljan's lectures and may be some part of book
Pharmacology: Katjung's pharmacology
Behavior Science: High yield , and some of us used kaplan.

Other than books:
Webpath material
Qbank , Qbook
First Aid towards the end ..... around 1 month before the exam
Some other stuffs we ll post it here in the site itself

Good luck.

For Step 1


We will be posting all the Step 1 Stuffs here.
So watch out.

Well for the study materials:-, we dont think you all need that many suggestions.